Automation Hat - Wiring a Contactor

I am hoping to use the Automation Hat to control a contactor in a system I’m building. I tried using the outputs to energize the contactor coil; but was able to. The contactor is a 12v version and the current needed to energize the coil is only 130 mA.
Below is how I wired the contactor with the hat. Note the contactor has an internal supression diode installed; so the coil power leads have polarity. Wiring is

12v Battery Pos ==> contactor coil pos lead
contactor coil neg lead ==> hat output (#1)
hat gnd ==> battery neg

When I turned on output 1; the led came on; but the contactor did not.

I was able to get the contactor to work using a relay; but ideally I want to use an output.

Is my understanding of how the hat output work and is wired correct?