Automation Hat with LabVIEW LINX


Hey guys, I’m new the Raspberry Pi and accessories and I am trying to use the RPI3 with the automation hat while controlling it with LabVIEW Linx. I have been able to control the relays, inputs, and outputs using my LabVIEW code but so far I am not having luck with the ADC. I am using I2C with a slave address of 0x48 but after this I am not getting anything usefull. At this point I think it is because I am not writing the correct info to the I2C and then I am not reading the correct register from I2C… Does anyone have any additional information on the registers to read/write?

I did confirm that the ADC was working using I2Cdetect -y 1 (confirmed the x48 address) and then python on the Pi with import automation hat and then reading each channel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am still learning linux and I2C protocols.
Below is the code I am using to verify I2C/ADC readings.