Automation pHat vs Explorer pHat

I’ve got a plan for a project and I’m trying to decide between using the Explorer pHat and the Automation pHat. Could someone let me know if I’m totally wrong in thinking the Automation pHat is more or less a souped-up Explorer pHat? Is there anything the Explorer can do that would be impossible on the Automation?


Explorer pHAT has the dual H-bridge channels that can drive motors, and the major differentiator with Automation pHAT is the (up to) 24V tolerance, and the relays that are great for switching.

What’s the project? It might help to get an idea of which would be more suitable for your needs…

The main relevant part of the project would probably be controlling some sort of bulk far red emitter, either a bulb or led array with focussers. The voltage involved isn’t really certain yet but I’m thinking that the extra two quid for the Automation might give me more options, I’m mostly concerned that I’m missing some potential advantage that the Explorer has.

It sounds like Automation pHAT is what you’re after. It’ll give you a bit more flexibility in terms of voltage that you can switch, but bear in mind that it only has a single relay. If you need more, then there’s always Automation HAT, which is a tad more expensive but has three relays rather than just the one.

That’s great, cheers. I think I’d only need a single relay for what I’ve got planned but I’ll keep that limitation in mind.

Great. Let us know if you need any more help!