Badger 2040 rendering clean images without noise in

Hi all, I’ve recently bought a badger 2040 and love it. After messing with different file formats and seemingly old tutorials on the badger, here is what I’ve learned so far, so somebody else does not go crazy when trying to get a clean image without noise on the badger:

Pimoroni - Getting started with Badger 2040 (learn.pimoroni(dot)com/article/getting-started-with-badger-2040) and state the image should be

  • size: 296 x 128 px
  • format: .jpg ( without progressive encoding, eventually turn off jpg-optimization )

Some confusion originates in a deprecated version of (github(dot)com/pimoroni/pimoroni-pico/blob/main/micropython/examples/badger2040/ Images were handled differently, as thoughtasylum (The Badger 2040: Custom Badges | ThoughtAsylum), Tonygo2 and LittleHobbyShop (forums.pimoroni(dot)com/t/badger-2040-image-conversion/19027) discussed a that generated .bin files and has been removed from the sources since then. The most recent sources confirm this - no other filetype than .jpg is read.

Using Microsoft Paint to generate a .jpg with black/white pixels, worked best so far, however some noise pixels are added upon rendering. This seems odd as the current source does use the default decode() and not the decodeDither() function that I suspected to be the root cause for the noise.

I’d prefer not to install GIMP just to generate a .jpg that is rendered cleanly, so do you have any advice for doing so?