Badger 2040 W

I have been trying to load some barcode images for the Badger 2040 W to display through the Image app but I always get bad quality lines, the images have been edited on Photoshop converted to B&W and the correct dimension, JPEG of course doesn’t support Index or Bitmap modes so I had to leave it on RGB, used standard compression and max quality, but it seems that JPEG always creates artifacts, even though they are not visible when I preview the image on my PC. Then I noticed on the 2040 (non-WiFi version) guide that it previously supported BMP and PNG images, why was this support removed, since they are superior file types and shouldn’t create any of these problems?

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The JPG files are also larger (all that unused colour information) and waste space but are easier to use - fewer steps. I’m for ‘quality’ even if it takes a bit longer and prefer the origin method.


Ok, so I have updated to the latest firmware, and grayscale saved the barcode in JPG, and there is clearly no jpeg artifacts on the file but when it is displayed on the screen, it adds these dots. Here are links to the original file uploaded to the Badger through Thonny and a pictures of the screen, was going to attach it from the toolbar but I’m not sure if it converts the file since it changed the name.