Badger 2040 - weird demo sofware?

Just got brand new badger and to my surprise the demo software is different than the one described in the Getting Started document.

The Badger displays time & date once booted.

Just wonder what is going on? Is this really brand new Badger?


It looks like the “brand new” Badger was pre-flashed with micropython

bogdan@raspberrypi:~/pico/picotool/build $ sudo ./picotool info -a
Program Information
name: MicroPython
version: v1.18-dirty
features: USB REPL
thread support
frozen modules: rp2, _ebook, badger_os, _fonts, _help, _list, launchericons, _boot, witw, _image, _info, _qrgen,
badgerpunk, _clock, _launcher, _badge, boot, badge_image, onewire, ds18x20, dht, uasyncio, uasyncio/core,
uasyncio/event, uasyncio/funcs, uasyncio/lock, uasyncio/stream, neopixel
binary start: 0x10000000
binary end: 0x100a709c
embedded drive: 0x10100000-0x10200000 (1024K): MicroPython

Fixed Pin Information

Build Information
sdk version: 1.3.0
pico_board: pico
boot2_name: boot2_w25q080
build date: Apr 1 2022
build attributes: MinSizeRel

Device Information
flash size: 2048K
ROM version: 3

I submitted some details about the Pimoroni products re-seller where I bought this product from using the official form on the Pimoroni website.

It would normally come pre flashed with Pimoroni’s custom Badger uf2 file.
My Tufty came pre flashed.
You can get the custom Pimoroni Badger version here, and re flash it.
Releases · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (

It looks like the board I got was not a brand new one. The seal was broken as well.
I bought it from the official channel - Pimoroni authorized re-seller…

An update: the re-seller agreed to replace the product.