Badger2040 design flaw with display's ribbon cable

The edge where the e-ink display’s ribbon cable goes over is sharp enough to wear out the ribbon cable eventually causing tears/breaks. For people who wear this without a case of some sort, this is disappointing as I thought this module would last longer.

The ability to replace the display is limited as well. It is adhered to the board pretty strong. Although I have not tried a heat gun to loosen it, I am afraid it would damage the board and/or display further.

for simular ribbon cables [lcd driverboards ]i used hot-glue gun at the connection ,to keep it in place

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I suppose I should’ve done this when I got it

Speaking of design flaws: on one of my Badgers the buttons fell off. No big deal, I used hot-solder ;-)

On another one a button fell apart. No idea on how to replace the button. Good thing is I don’t need it.

But to be honest: if yo look at the device, you should actually know it is not meant for rough environments. So I don’t complain. But I hope there will be a Badger V2 with some improvements.

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Rough environments? I was merely using it as a badge haha

Nonetheless, next time I’m printing a case for mine. This is a great board, but definitely needs some protection against continuous badge-wearing activities