Badger display glued to tight to the edge

Hi all at the support team!

It’s not urgent, but might save you some frustrated customers:

When fixing a defective display (with “empty” singel lines not responding) by solving the glue and replacing it with a replacement e-ink display, I realized, that the glas ot the display is right on the edge an can be hit easily, also the flex-pcb can very easily destroyed. I attached the new display more “towards the buttons on the right” so that the ribbon an the glas of the display is more protected.

Also I had this “spider silk” lines occurring, when the Badger was switched off, spurring the content on the e-ink display not permanently, after a refresh all was fine again.

I taped the flex-pcb, the backside connector and the glas connection area with self-adhasive aluminium tape (the one used for duct pipes). The spooky lines are gone. My guess is, that the flex-pcb is acting as an antenna, when no signal is on the wires. Minimal power is necessary for some lines to show up and change state. The alu tape also protects the flex-pcb a bit better.

Maybe in the next product design you might consider to change the design accordingly.

My personal favourite is something different: is there a pico W LiPo in the make?
And maybe a Badger2040WL (yes one with pico W LiPo aboard… )?

The Hitchhiker


Left: original near edge vs. Right: better protected, not so near on edge and no overlapping flex-pcb:

Aluminum foil covering the pcb/connection area on the e-ink display
front view:

rear view: