Black lines on Pico Display Pack

Hi all,

I recently bought and installed the Pico Display pack for the Raspberry Pico.
I suspect that I put too much pressure on the screen and because of this black lines are appearing on the display.

Does anyone else experienced this issue? I have to say it was my first time soldering so maybe I made an error there? Just want to make sure if I need to purchase a new display or is this fixable?

Thanks in advance

Here’s a picture of my first time soldering 😁

Could well be a cracked display but 6 up from bottom left (35) looks a bit dry, as does 37, 2 down from there. Try warming them until you get a better flow. Both connect to Display.

Best of luck and hope this works.

Thanks for the feedback.

I tried to touch up the soldering but without success, the black bars still appear.
I’ve ordered a new screen hopefully that works 🤞

Got a new screen and that one worked :)