Badger2040 - LED won't extenguis

Badger 2040 - the LED (marked ACT) won’t go off, even on battery power. LED blink code example doesn’t work. Otherwise all is OK. I have a BME688 attached to the device and that functions correctly. The LED stays lit even with the BME688 removed.

I fixed this bug the other day - there’s links to fixed MicroPython builds in this post:

Many thanks, Hel. So would I:

  • download
  • rename it to
  • upload to the Pico
  • edit my program to import badger2040.1

as I don’t see a new firmware just yet? This would be the file from:


Here is the link Hel was pointing to:

Many thanks, Hel. I noticed that firmware 0.0.3 was available so I tried that and the problem is resolved.

Cheers, David

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