BASIC for the Pi Pico

This looks really interesting: MMBasic for the Pi Pico.

You can find all the information and very full documentation here:

Looking forward to trying it out.


Ahhhhh !
Looking at your avatar Tony you might be as old as I am. It brings a tear to my eye recalling “should I use GOTO”.

They say you should never go back, I wonder ? I take my hat off to those who wrote it. Though it has to be said it’s got to be a lot easier then a 4K or 8K BASIC running on a 6800 which I once thought amazing.

Yes, I’m 76 and started coding in 1967 with FORTRAN IV and a pseudo assembler called City & Guilds 319. Started teaching ‘programming’ shortly after. My first go at BASIC was on an IBM 1130 with 8K of 16-bit core storage with input via special pre-punched Hollerith cards. My students had to push out the chads to code the character in each column with the tip of a ball-point pen. The school cleaning ladies hated the mess. The compiler came from Brazil and produced about different 40 error numbers with the error messages on a separate sheet of paper in Portuguese. Very happy times - we thought it was wonderful.
My first home computer was an 8K Ohio Scientific Superboard, with built in keyboard. The worst BASIC ever was the ATARI version for their ST range.

I’ve got MMBasic working via the VT100 terminal but still having a few problems with the Editor on my PC.

Ah, a youngster, I’m 77.
I did a lot of work in BASIC, mainly MS basic on Apple ][ using a plug in Z80 card, it wiped the floor with the Apple Basic ( was it Applesoft ? ). But after that I moved on to C for CNC tools with Delphi for the PC based UI. A wonderful pairing. That means I never got to use Visual Basic.

But now I’m just dabbling a bit in Python because that seems flavour of the month now for kids.

All my home control projects are Arduino based usually with ESP32. If I’d had this much raw power when I was working, every day would have been Christmas.


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