RPi Pico, unable to load Basic

I’m completely new to the RPi Pico and I seem to have hit problems from day 1

I want to be able to program the Pico in Basic, a language I fully understand. Ive found PicoMite basic which I understand is a clone of the MicroSoft Basic which I have used over the years in the past. The procedure looks simple. Power up the Pico holding the white ‘Boot’ button and the Pico will then appear as a flash drive, which it does, I can see the two files in the Pico. Next step is to copy the Basic across to the Pico flash drive, and I can see the progress of the file transfer and the file in the directory. At this point the Pico is supposed to start the basic with the LED flashing, but nothing happens. If I unplug the Pico and return to the Pico’s flash drive, there is no basic just the original two files. I have checked and double checked the procedure and the Basic file I am trying to transfer and everything is correct.

Where am I going on?


Could you post a link to the procedure your trying to follow?

I have resolved the situation. The article I was tring to follow had an error in it. It stated that once the Basic file had been transferred, the Pico would reset, run the program and the LED would flash slowly. This was wrong, the Pico did reset and the Basic compiler ‘was’ running but the LED didn’t flash. The LED statement was incorrect.

I am now up and running, thanks for the reply :o)

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