Hello 32blit - introducing myself

I am happy to get into this. In generally I am a longterm gamer ;) I have started with a c64.
I just started with pico8 to dive into the world of game development. I am nervous to get in touch and expand my experience into something more realistic.

Greetings from Switzerland.

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Fellow C64 starter here. I came a little late to that party, but there were still plenty of homebrew games-on-magazine-covers to grab.

As it happens, I’m playing with PICO-8 on a square screen right now ;)

Looks like the C64 team is strong here - although I’m sufficiently old to have started out with a VIC-20 (until I blew up the joystick port - oops).

PICO-8 is fun, but it will be nice to get a little closer to the bare metal - although I’m guessing that I won’t have to be counting clock cycles like I used to in my C64 days :)

I started with sending punch cards off to be run on someone else’s computer :-)
Went through the usual stuff then; zx80, zx81, vic 20, dragon 32, BBC B, and so on, and then through various big iron like a PDP/11, and DEC 20, and then PC’s and Macs.
Lots of embedded stuff on the way, and iOS for the last ten years.

I discovered how to do mode splitting on the Game Boy Advance, and I was one of the people who wrote Microsoft Windows, and OSF/1, etc…

I’m Mike, I was a C64c kid (and recently bought one to save), I like retro gamedev, and I’m a big fan of this project , it reminds me very much of the old Net Yaroze community back in the late 90’s (older EU/PAL region people would know what that is :wink: ) Anyway, I was an original member and snapped up the old domain, now slowly finding and restoring member’s old homepage’s and a wiki of sorts, which is a mess :D http://netyaroze-europe.com/

Hi. I was lucky enough to have my first computer when most of my friends at that time didn’t really know what a computer was :) Anyway I think that the real adventure with computers and programming is just starting for me ;)
Thanks @mgarcia for sharing your blog, I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff in there.

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Commordore Posse wave your hands in the air…

I too started on the Vic 20 and then progressed to the Commodore 64 in the late eighties/early 90’s.

Also, when compared to the other kids, was a bit of BBC Micro wizzard…sigh…was it really that long ago :)

Anyway for some retro nostalgia have a look at the Usborne 1980s computer books books here:

all available at the awesome Yorkshire price of free :)

Hi all,
Bit of C64 envy here… I learnt the basics of programming as a young kid on the Acorn Electron, and skipped early Commodore computers to get the Amiga 500, a little before the A1200 which I’ve now been spending time (and money) updating.

Was hoping to revive those halycon days programming games with the 32blit, and hoping the community here can be strong enough to feed and build up enough enthusiasm and motivation to actually code something seriously again (outside of work).