Batocera on Picade

I bought a picade terminal and everything went well except for the rather tedious start-up.
I tried to run it with Batocera but I have no sound and the controls are not recognized. I know that normally you only have to install retropie but I much prefer Batocera. Is there a way to recognize controls and sound with Batocera without having to be a computer specialist?
Thank you for your answers.

There is more to it than just installing RetroPi. There is software that needs to be installed to setup the DAC for the sound, and other software to setup the joystick etc.
Not likely to work with Batocera though.
GitHub - pimoroni/picade-hat: Picade HAT input daemon and setup script

Hi, do you mean this command ? : curl | bash

on batocera there is no command interface as on retropie that’s why I don’t know how I can configure sound and command panel

I don’t own a Picade and don’t game on my Pi, just so you know.
Even if you could get to the command line, the Pimoroni installer isn’t likely to work with Batocera. Not unless its based on PiOS.
That being said, if you want to use the Picade Hat I think your going to have to find a way to install some software for it.
Maybe try the Batocera forum?

finally I give up with batocera. For the moment, it is too complicated to make it compatible with Picade. I will therefore continue on retropie with new problems for sure.

IMHO, you will have better odds of getting it to work with RetroPie. You may still run into issues, but odds are somebody here has been there done that and figured it out.