Battery Power bank with picade

I have some issues with the picade when powered by a power bank (5v 3A output).
First time I tried it worked like a charm. Then it sometimes power up, sometimes not. I have the feeling that the power bank check if there is something on the other end and if not do not send the juice.
Then sometimes there is maybe resident power and it works and sometime no.
That power bank has a screen that show whether something is draining the battery or not (showed as output).
When it works : when I press the picade power button, the battery screen changes to show that there is an output and the picade start up
When it does not work: when I press the picade power button, nothing happen and the power bank screen does not change and the power bank go to sleep.

Is there anything I can do to make it work. Can we add an option that the picade start as soon as there is power: so basically the power button is only use for switching off, not starting up ?


Edit: and what is the button labeled “switch” on the picade X HAT ?

Anybody could help? @jon ?

I’ve no experience using a battery pack like you describe, so I can’t help much with that. The only thing I can suggest is that you have a look as the ‘Software Details’ section of the picade github page:

It shows a couple of power options that you can add to the picade line in boot/config.txt, maybe one of them will do what you want.

I think the button labelled ‘switch’ on the X HAT works just like the cabinet switch. Before I wired my switch up I was able to power the system on and off using that button.