Picade X hat power button

I have a Picade X hat and am planning to add a power button. I could not find the details about the type of button I have to use (push-button or on-off switch) and how to wire it. Can anyone provide me with this information? Thanks!

As far as I know its a momentary contact, normally open switch. Same as the arcade buttons but with a built in LED. Push to turn on, push again to turn off. And you don’t have to use the LED if you don’t want to.
There is a contact our support team link on the shop page if you want confirmation from Pimoroni staff.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

This is the button we use: Metal Illuminated Button (Picade Power Button) - Pimoroni

And there’s info on how we wire it up in the Picade tute: Assembling your 8" or 10" Picade with PICO-8 (it plugs in to the terminals on the Picade X HAT marked Power ON and LED ON)