Adding a power LED to Picade HAT

OK so I am looking to add a power LED,

I have a Pi 3 with the Picade Hat, all set up and running well, its in a custom enclosure with arcade buttons and stick but i now want to add a power LED.

I have the power going in into the HAT so i can use the power functions but i only want the LED to light when the pi itself is running,

Is the 5v power on the HAT fed directly from the power supply so will always have power regardless of if the Pi is on or is the power fed into the pi then drawn back out through GPIO, so power only given if PI on,

2nd (and this is probably a stupid question but hey, I’ll ask it anyway) Am i right in saying i just wire the LED to 5v and ground for this to work, nothing else required?

Hope this makes sense!


would the most elegant option not be to use an illuminated arcade button for the soft power?

but otherwise, the Picade HAT has a breakout with power rail that could be used - you do need a resistor in series of appropriate value in that case.