Picade Power Switch LED Won't Light

I finished the assembly of my 8" Picade with my Raspberry Pi 4B. All is well except the power switch LED will not light.

The switch shuts down and starts the Picade fine but won’t light. I have made sure all the terminals are correctly attached to the switch (red to + and black to -) and to the HAT (red connector in terminal closest to screen).

Anyone else had this problem?

im having the same problem plus some more. The power button powers on the Picade. The LED does not light up and the PI is showing its ‘under powered’. I have a 5v adapter plugged in. Were you able to solve your problem?

No. Pi Moroni was kind enough to give me a new power switch but it will not light either. When I test the socket I see less than 1 volt DC.

On my system the LED connector on the X HAT is producing 2.7v. Maybe your X HAT is faulty?

Just to note that I’m using the previous version of the X HAT (micro USB powered) but I don’t think the voltage to the switch’s LED would be any different.

I’ll double check the HAT connections and recheck the voltage to the switch.

To chip in; I have the exact same issue (10", though that is negligible).

Though the instructions are not accurate, all other functionality is fine (exceptionally so, in fact) but I cannot get the switch LED to fire. It works to power on and shutdown the unit.

This is definitely not something ‘we’ are doing wrong…

FYI, it needs to be 5V/3A.

Thanks sealevil. I double checked the continuity of the LED wiring (which is okay) but could not detect any DC voltage.

BTW - I measure 5v on the on/off wiring from the x HAT but when I switch out the power and LED leads neither the switch or LED function.

There may be some confusion; I was replying directly to ckovel and his under-current lightning bolt :-)

5V/3A is what is required to power the xHAT, Pi and IPS display; it will be regulated and you won’t see that on the switch.

I’m going to revisit my own because, as with yours, everything functions… except the switch LED. The switch operates power as expected.

Please keep me posted on what you may learn about the power switch LED light issue. Thanks.

It seems the light doesn’t come on immediately and is under software control. Mine never lit until I installed the required kernel module (as per the installation instructions).