Picade HAT USB-C (Console) Power Issue

Hi all,

I built a Picade Console recently using a Pi4 with an official 5v3a power supply and another non-official 5v3a power supply. When I plug the power into the Pi4 everything works fine. When I plug the power into the Picade Hat it will reboot randomly and/or show the low power symbol.

The instructions say to use the Hat to power the Pi but it can’t seem to do it. I know the supplies are good since they power everything for hours on end when plugged into the Pi4.

I searched through here and most power problems I read were people with screens or questionable power. The console is the one without a screen and my supplies are legit. I put a meter on the power supply pins while plugged into the Hat and powered on. Both were 5v-4.98v under load.

Power management was an advertised feature of this Hat. I’d like to get it working as it is intended. For now I use it plugged into the Pi4 itself with a switch inline. Pressing the power button turns it off but can’t cut the power without being plugged into the hat obviously.

Thanks for any input. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these things before now. Even if I can’t get the power through the hat working this is a good addition to my retro gaming collection.

Well, looks like this forum is dead or no one has an answer. I just power the pi directly with a power supply with a switch on it. Everything else works great.

I’m sure you’ve tried or maybe even solved this by now, but I’ll mention it anyway.

When you plugged in the usb-c power cord into the hat did you push the little button next it?

I have this same exact issue.

And the button next to the USB C input on the hat is just another power button so that is pointless question.

Hey guys. Please check out my reply in:

Hope this helps.