Power On/Off Switch


I recently built a mini cabinet with a PICade X Hat USB-C and everything was great! I had the momentary power button working. Pressing it would power the PICade on for boot and pressing it again would shutdown the PICade then power off the fans and I assume the raspberry PI 4 B. I had the retropi and es_settings set read only and had ES in Kid mode. I unlocked those to update the theme the locked them down again. Since then the power button no longer works. I’ve tested the button, swapped it for another known working button but it is still not working. When I plug the system in, it powers on. When I shutdown, the OS completes a shutdown but the power stays on (fans still spinning).

I started ‘showkeys’ which allows me to see that all the other buttons and joystick are working but I see no output when pressing the power button .

I’m building this for a developmentally disabled teen and want to make it as easy as possible to use.

Any ideas?