Trouble with Power Button on Picade Console

Hi all, I am new to Raspberry Pis and Picades and I am making my first post on this forum seeking some support. I had a few issues putting my Picade console together, but managed to get most of them resolved. I am only having trouble with the power button and speaker now. I will dive into the speaker issues later, as I am mostly concerned with the power button right now. I have gotten everything on the unit working when plugging in the pi directly. All controls are mapped in RetroPi and I got my favorite game working. But I can’t seem to get the power button working. I have attached images of the connections. I believe I have everything hooked up correctly and the positive and negative terminals are correctly hooked up. I took pictures of both sides of the connections but the forum will only let me upload one image since I am a new user. Thank you advance for any help.

Attaching second image here

UPDATE: I’ve noticed that after I plug the Pi directly into power that the power button illuminates. The button will also successfully turn off the Pi. However, I am still having no luck with getting the button to power on the Pi when it is plugged into the USB-C extension port on top of the HAT.

Bumping for increased visibility. I would love to be able to get this problem solved. Thanks in advance.