Bearables to an Arduino?

Hi Pirates!
I’m still pretty new to electronics - trying to learn more about the hardware side. I’ve got a Bearables Fox Badge and I’m wondering if / how I might wire this up so I can control it with an Arduino. I’ve been using a Arduino 33 IOT to get MQTT messages over the Internet & flash a breadboard light on demand. I’d like to jazz up the project & connect this to something spiffier, like the Fox Badge, but I really have no clue how the electronics side of things works to try to drive this to the Arduino. I haven’t assembled the badge yet, so any suggestions on what I might use / bypass would be great. Feel free to be very explicit, as I’m very green on the hardware side. Thanks! John

So at a quick glance there are already guides for this, as well as an Instructables page. These aren’t with Arduinos but it shows that it is absolutely possible.

Essentially, there seem to be pads on the back of the badge which you can connect to a microcontrollers i2c bus. This bus is a communication standard for sending data between devices, often a microcontroller and a sensor.

At a glance the protocol seems quite simple: you first send a command to the badge to switch it to “enable hack mode”, and then pairs of LEDs are controlled by bytes sent across the i2c bus. The relevant Arduino library for doing this would be Wire. I think I’ve got a Bearable kicking about somewhere, so if you need help I might be able to put something together.