Best way to route pHat DAC output to op-amp

I would like to purchase a pHat DAC to output a mono signal directly into the input of an op-amp. What is the best way to do this — is there a pin that I can use or will I have to solder to the RCA jack? Is it a differential signal? Thanks!

Hey Idreyn,

the pHat DAC has some male headers next to the RCA jack to get the signals.


at the bottom there are 2x4 male headers. You just have to connect to Pin “L” (or R) and to Pin “0V” to get your signal for the op amp.

It’s an unbalanced signal, only 2 wires per mono channel.

Happy Hacking,

Hi Steffen, thanks for the quick response! But I believe that picture is of another DAC, the one I am referring to is this one for the Pi Zero — I don’t think it has any male headers.

ah, i see! sorry!

but it’s quite the same for the pHat DAC.

As you can see on the pictures there’s an area next to the headphone jack (between the printed “R” and “L”).

it’s meant to solder a stereo RCA Jack in this area (as on the picture I sent you from the PI-DAC+) but you can also get your signals here. The bigger holes in the middle of the area are the Pinouts for the L/R Signal and the two smaller holes above are the corresponding Grounds. ;)

Perfect! Thank you very much.