Wire Phat DAC to an amp

Hello :)

I’m trying to wire my phat dac to a tiny mono amp found on adafruit.
I found a tutorial with two different ways to wire it:

I tried both (without soldering), but none of them worked.
By the way, the phat dac works when I use the line out :)

What can I do ?

You should follow the wiring in the first image, but I’m pretty sure A- also needs to be tied to ground.

Thanks :)
But why on the second picture, did he wire gnd with the big hole on the R side ?

Hard to see what’s going on in the second picture. I guess the big holes on the L/R are just a convenient place to pick up a ground connection!

Well, okay I will try to wire my amp this way.
Thank you, I’ll keep this post updated :)