Blinkt! as rsync progress bar?

Hi folks.
Just received my Blinkt! in the mail a couple of days ago, and so far I have been having fun delving into the example scripts in nano and seeing what exactly they are doing.

Now, I am trying to set up a headless Raspberry Pi memory card backup device based on Little Backup Box that I can take with me anywhere and that can be powered by a power bank so that I can offload pictures and videos from my camera when traveling, and it is working pretty great, except I do not have any visual confirmation that the copying of files from my CF cards to my Samsung T1 USB SSD drive has completed successfully, and as such I have to trust that everything has gone according to plan when the Pi shuts off at the end of the script. That’s where the Blinkt! comes in.

I want the Blinkt! to act as a progress bar following the rsync operation in the Little Backup Box bash script, where each of the eight LEDs light up along the way and then maybe changing that to blinking green lights all along the Blinkt! when the copy is complete. The Little Backup Box bash script ( actually has a preprogrammed function to do this by invoking /sys/class/leds/led0 and led1 (line 92 to 99 in, but I am having a hard time translating that into the Blinkt! python library.

Does anyone have any pointers or thoughts on how I can do this? If it is not possible, is there any way to just add to run during the copy progress? Is it at all possible to include a python script in the middle of a bash script?