Can a Blinkt! LED array work while RetroPie runs?

This is kinda two questions.

Firstly, can I make a python file run before RetroPie starts?

Secondly, the python file in question would be one to drive the Blinkt! led array. In this case would the python file run in the background whilst RetroPie boots and runs?

I’d like to make a little retro console for my nephews and a few sparkly lights while they play would go down well.

Any advice much appreciated.

I use crontab for doing stuff like that, in Pi OS.
from terminal run crontab -e
and add
@reboot python3 /(path)/(file name) &
It ends up something like this
@reboot python3 /home/pi/ &

There are other ways to autorun files on boot, this works for me so its how I do it.

Great thanks for that. I’ve not used crontab before but I’ll give it a try once I’ve managed to install the Blinkt software. For some reason I can’t find it even when the install seems to have completed ok.

@alphanumeric to the rescue again! It worked perfectly. I was worried it might be a bit taxing for a og zero but it works fine since it’s only playing nes titles. Thanks again!