Newbie Blinkt question

This is going to sound absurd, I’m sure, but… I am putting together a little RetroPie box as a gift and I want to have some lights on it. I immediately thought of Blinkt, but I’m such a noob that I’m not sure if Blinkt can/will run at the same time as EmulationStation. In other words, can I set up my Blinkt lights in Raspbian Lite and still have it run when the Pi boots into RetroPie?

I would think that’s doable. I use crontab to start python files on boot on several of my Pi’s.
The Blink will also work with Plasma, which is for Picade setups.
GitHub - pimoroni/plasma: Plasma LED driver, FX Sequencer and plugins
I’ve done it, you just have to edit a couple of files. I can post that info if you want it.

I can post that info if you want it.

Oh, that would be terrific! Thank you!

To install plasma, and start the daemon. it’s as follows. Once you do that it runs all on its own on bootup.

git clone
cd plasma
sudo ./

cd daemon
sudo ./

I then did the following to get it to light up the blinkt.
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/plasma.service
and changed the -o GPIO:14:15 to -o GPIO:23:24 for blinkt.
It’s crtl x then y to save the changes.

And then this to get the number of LED’s to match whats on the blinkt.
sudo nano /usr/bin/plasma
and changed LIGHTS = 10 to LIGHTS = 2 for blinkt

The actual Plasma Buttons have 4 LED’s each. Lights=2 equates to 8 LED’s. It’s really Buttons =.

You can also look for a line with load_pattern(“default”) at the end
I changed it to load_pattern(“trippy”) and it switched.

To turn it off, and disable it.
sudo systemctl stop plasma
sudo systemctl disable plasma

This is great! Thanks so much!