Command-line tool for Blinkt!

I just finished version 0.1 of a command-line tool to operate the Blinkt! add-on LED board. It’s available at

I tried out the Python examples, and did a tiny bit of programming with them, but then I decided I wanted instant gratification when it comes to turning on and off the LEDs in various patterns. The tool is designed to work immediately without further programming, and it can be used within shell scripts to provide indications of progress.

For example, to set all the LEDs blue, one would type:

blinkt blue

The github page has the code and build and installation instructions. It runs on Raspbian Stretch. Typing “man blinkt” after installation provides documentation and examples. It’s open-source, with a BSD license.

Important note:

I have not had a problem with environmental noise getting into the Blinkt and this tool assumes that the GPIO data lines are stable and not noisy. This tool may not work with the Blinkt in an electrically noisy environment, however, and I am interested to find out if others are able to use it. Please let me know if it works for you, or if you find the Blinkt changing or turning off by itself if left alone with the LEDs on for a period of time.