Blinkt Sequence on Power On?

Hi there!

I am running a Blinkt hat on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I have the pi set up to be a PiAware (Flight Aware ADS-B Receiver), and it starts a receiver script on pi startup (via crontab). However, when I start up the pi, the Blinkt goes through a sequence of color flashes that I have not set. This seems like some start-up sequence, but I can’t figure out where/how to tell for sure.

I also see another pixel flashing blue sometimes while my script is running. I don’t touch any pixels other than the first 2 and don’t set colors other than red and yellow. If I leave my pi on for a few minutes and then run my script, I don’t see that blue flash.

My questions are:

  1. Is this a standard Blinkt power on sequence that I’m observing? If yes:
  2. Can I turn the sequence off?
  3. How long does the sequence run?


Not seeing that behavior on mine? Mine is unlit unless I purposely run code to turn it on.
Anything else using those same GPIO pins?
Blinkt! at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Thanks for the tip! Looks like I had the device set up to work with the WaveShare LCD Display previously, which uses GPIO 18 at the least. Disabled that and trying again. Will report back.

Thanks! That looks to have solved it (commented out the part of the config file that was setting the pi up to interact with the waveshare display). Thanks for the quick reply and help.

No problem, it’s nice when its an easy fix. =)