Blinkt with RetroPie/Emulationstation/RetroArch and PivuMeter

Hi, for starters I love the little Blinkt :-).

I’m using Blinkt in my RetroPie/EmulationStation/RetroArch setup running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Pivumeter.

Blinkt/PivuMeter works in EmulationStation (select clicks) and works with none RetroArch emu’s like ScummVM, Dosbox and the TI99/4a emu.

However, Blinkt/Pivumeter does not work in RetroArch emulators, also the sound doesn’t work in RetroArch emulators. I’m using the default asound.conf.

Errors like attached are thrown. I tried a lot of thing, Alsa configs etc … i’m convinced that the fault is a small one … any help is appreciated!


How are you setting up the blinkt, and what code are you using to run it?

I installed PiVumeter all conform the Github instructions.

Have a look through here

For ScummVM starting with sudo scummvm - e alsa <game title> might work

Is the sound itself working ok?

The sound only works (as Blinkt) in EmulationStation and none RetroArch emulators (so ScummVM works with sound and Blinkt!)

The sound does not work (as does Blinkt) in RetroArch emulators.

Anything from Pimoroni devs @gadgetoid or @RogueM regarding this problem?

Try pinging @gadgetoid or @RogueM.

It’s not a use case they’ve exampled in the past as the caveat they apply to most products is that they’ll only provide software for stock raspbian.

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