Installed PhatBeat, but config not same as your how-to

hey there,

no issues installing, speaker test and python button and led examples all work for me, but the alsa config seems to have changed since the how-to was written. pi zero w, raspian stretch.

specifically, /etc/asound.conf no longer exists and what seems to have replaced it (/usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf), does not have the pcm_scope.pivumeter stuff your docs mention. what am i missing?


Which version of Raspbian is this?

I believe if there’s no /etc/asound.conf it’s safe to create one.

using stretch, will try adding that alsa config manually…

related: should the LEDs trigger as part of the vlc radio example? i have the radio example working just fine and (separately) i can trigger lights using your python examples, but the LEDs don’t function as VU meters when i play a stream using the vlc radio.

some more background here: i get the flash of green when the radio boots, but zero led action during streams. i have tried streams of varying volumes. i can trigger lights using the python examples. raspi zero w, raspian stretch, official power supply.

ok, i found an issue w/ my asound.conf and now have the LEDs functioning as VU nicely. two other questions:

  1. i see the config options for pcm_scope.pivumeter, but how would i go about tweaking the colors used in the VU display (i want to swap other colors in for green/yellow/red).

  2. and it seems like the lighting bolt arrow on the end of the board cuts power but it doesn’t seem to do that safely? at least, no “shutting down” messages is broadcast to the cli – just want ton confirm that’s a safe shutdown.


  1. At the moment you would have to modify the C code to change the VU meter. I’m working on switching to Python as the display layer so this requirement can be dropped. The blend is done on this line, so it’s a little obtuse:

  2. Pressing the power button causes the Python script to run: “sudo shutdown -h now” I’m not actually sure if this should broadcast a message or not, but it’s safe.

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