Phat Beat - Full Volume

Hi I have been trying to set up my pHat Beat with a 4 ohm 5w speaker (from the shop) using the vlc radio one line installer. However the volume is set at max and the buttons don’t change this. Therefore the speaker gets very hot and the audio is distorted. Is there a way to reset the volume controls to make this better?

That’s weird? Mine has never defaulted to max volume, 1/4 or 1/3 maybe. I usually get 2 or 3 LEDS blinking on the VU meter on first boot up. Did you try a second go around with a fresh Raspbian image? Jessie or Stretch? I don’t think Stretch is supported yet.

Please try command alsamixer on terminal, you can then adjust (reduce) audio volume . Strange the buttons dont work ? You should try test which you find under examples, or which you find under Pimoroni/phatbeat/test. these tests work and reveal buttons actions. I have three pHatBeats all running Stretch Full version and I am quite happy with performance


Did you have to do anything special to get them running on Stretch? Are you running the Pirate Radio (VLC Radio)? If yes, did you install via the one line installer? And are there any pop sounds when changing channels?

I start from fresh Stretch Full version, then update and upgrade. Next localisation for Finnish keyboard. Then VLC radio oneline installer. Yes there are popsounds when changing channels but quite short switch over and the DC-level of -4Volt measured
over speaker terminals. During all my installation attempts I have always keyboard/mouse and HDMI -monitor connected

Ok, thanks. I run full Jessie, keyboard mouse etc for setup, but once its all setup I run it headless. I just set it to boot to command line. Was just wondering if any special tweaks (other than the normal keyboard layout etc) were needed for stretch. Also wanted to know if the speaker pop was fixed. Thanks, I may try Stretch next time around.

@harveyanash Have you made any progress with your issue?