Pivumeter script interferes with button shim


I have notice that after installing pivumeter, my button shim will not work.

It seems is due to the Redirecting of the sound.

The error it shows seems to direct the problem to bad connection or soldering of the shim.

How can I remove the pivumeter from the system?


If you have the file /etc/asound.conf.backup you should just be able to copy it over /etc/asound.conf.

I’m not sure how it’s breaking button shim, though. Which output device do you have it configured for?



Thanks for your reply, I will try to restore the sound config.

I was trying the volume example for the button shim, where one of the button should adjust the volume, then put a new card with the latest raspbian without the pivumeter script and it work.
Will let you know if it work by restoring the sound configuration




I have tryied again with a fresh copy of raspbian and everything appear to be working, tomorrow I will try with the rainbow hat.
By the way when I installed the speaker hat script which also installed the pivumeter, it did not create asound.conf.backup.

Thanks for your help