Blue Line in UnicornHatHD


I’m having an odd issue with my UnicornHatHD on my Raspberry Pi 2B+ board. It shows a ‘blue’ (or blue shifted - for example in the example it’s green) line right in the middle of the display no matter what is on it. I have attached a picture of the issue and have sent a video to the discord.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Are you using the standoffs that came with it? The Unicorn HAT HD has some components on the underside that can short on components on the Pi, and this can cause weirdness sometimes. If that’s not the case, then it sounds like a problem with the hardware itself, and you should email for a replacement HAT.

Understood. No standoffs came with my hat, only the screws to keep the diffuser in place.

Ah, that’s my mistake. There aren’t any standoffs with that one. But it is worth checking to make sure that the bottom of the HAT isn’t touching anything on the Pi. Otherwise, it sounds very much like something has gone wrong with the HAT itself. :-(

I have been very careful, I will send an email to support and buy some standoffs just in case. Thank you.

If you haven’t placed your order yet, I highly recommend adding a booster header to it.

It will raise it up. I have a tall heatsink on my Pi and had to use the booster header. It should also bring it up to the right height for the stand offs.

I would at the very least, reseat it. And make sure its firmly attached. And redo your Micro SD card with a fresh Raspbian image, and rerun the one line installer. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen another similar issue posted and redoing things from scratch fixed it.