BlueTooth on Pico W soonish

“Bluetooth Support for Raspberry Pi Pico W is likely coming this month, per a Raspberry Pi team member. It will be in the 1.5.0 release of the Pico C software developer’s kit. This should allow for adoption in Python at some point after that.” Adafruit Blog

I hope it gets to MicroPython pretty soon.

I’ve used it with Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit = great fun. Just hope it is as simple on Picow once it arrives.

ooo, and the 5.2 chipset support means it could potentially do BLE and hearing aid audio via auracast as well, I have ideas…

Don’t hold your breath!

I’m thinking Christmas for MicroPython with sufficient documentation for average users.

CircuitPython may well be first.

I am patient… ok not really, but it doesn’t matter since AFAIK neither have auracast libraries as of yet, so it’s a more a matter of basic access before seeing if my skills are up to teasing out the more advanced functionality