Pico Lipo W, when?

Hey, i am making this post to know if the community would agree with me that it would be awesome to get a pimoroni pico LiPo with wireless!

I see so much potential in the normal pico lipo but i still didn’t get it because (imho) it’s missing one crucial function which is wireless capabilities, i had been trying to emulate it trough a pico w + pico shim butit’s not the same thing

but maybe it’s a really huge challenge since there isn’t enough space in the board to get all that stuff…

If it happens, I would think it will be a “with Pico W onboard”. All the Lipo stuff on one side and a Pico W attched to the other side.

If you poke around here, you can sometimes spot new products before they get officially released.
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Looks like the Badger is getting an upgrade to a Pico W.

That is interesting. It will be even better once BLE is activated in MicroPython. Did you see the Adafruit Blog?

“Bluetooth Support for Raspberry Pi Pico W is likely coming this month, per a Raspberry Pi team member. It will be in the 1.5.0 release of the Pico C software developer’s kit. This should allow for adoption in Python at some point after that.” Adafruit Blog

I hope it gets to MicroPython pretty soon.

USB HID support would be nice too.

are you kidding me? damn… if i knew i would had waited for it, i got the badger recently but i am kinda frustrated about the lack of wifi, would like to use it as a calendar or having the todo/shopping list updated via wireless and making the clock feature more usefull

Yeah, I have a Tufty and Tufty clone here. If they had WIFI it would definitely take it up a notch with what you could do with one. The clone is using a PICO Lipo, that is soldered in place. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I wanted a low profile.

Keep in mind that WIFI certification is a big deal and costly. If you use a Pico W that’s all done for you. It having the Castellated solder pads just makes it even easier.

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the badger and tufti don’t support usb hid? i thought all picos could be used to emulate a keyboard/mouse

The hardware (RP2040) does, its not supported in Micro Python yet though. Circuit Python yes, Micro Python no.

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