[BME688] how to get the IAQ index in micropython?

Hello, for the BME688 on the picoenviro+ , they give this table in the datasheet, i would like to know how can i know the IAQ Index value (first column) in micropython ?
i am on a RP pico w with the picoenviro+ and the PMS5003 using micropython with the pimoroni’s UF2 and librarys breakout_bme68x, pimoroni, pimoroni_i2c … i have the examples but i don’t know how to know the different fuction and data i can get with this library i can’t found documentation about.

The answer is: no, you cant get the IAQ index with micropython. Bosch-Sensortec distributes a closed source C++ library which you can use, but I am not aware of any micropython-bindings.

I did a lot of tests with this sensor and the results is that it is perfect if you want to write programs that distinguish different sorts of cheese or detect decaying fruits, but that’s about it. The reason is that it only detects VOC (volatile organic compounds). By doing so, it has to heat up a small internal heater. This will distort the temperature measurement of the sensor by design.

I placed it besides my 3D-printer and there was no reaction at all, I also spent a whole day in closed room during the Corona-time and the sensor did not detect “air quality”. That is absolutely logical because CO2 is not detected.

So my opinion: an absolutely useless sensor if you are not in the groceries business.