BMP280 not found on Pizero

I have just tried to get the BMP280 working with the python script from here.
Namley a script from the Pimoroni/examples and when it runs I get errors in the file saying it was unable to find bmp280 on 0x76.
I ran this script:
i2cdetect - y 1
and nothing was found

I then tried the bmp280 on an arduino using a i2cscanner sketch, and it found the bmp280 on 0x76!
For what is worth I also tried on a 2nd Pi zero but it was same result.
So why does the pi zero not find the bmp280, does anyone know what the problem is. Am I missing library files or something.


If i2cdetect isn’t picking it up then that suggests that the breakout isn’t talking to the i2c bus properly. Exactly which i2c breakout is this, and how have you wired it up?

The problem was a loose jumper wire to the SDA GPIO pin2 on the pi zero. It had almost come off , and I didn’t notice it had.
It’s working ok now, but is there anyway that the output could be directed to a 16 x 2 lcd display.