Assertion error

I am a complete novice so would appreciate help in laymans terms.
I have a breakout garden with a BMP 280 on a Pi zero. I have installed the scripts for the breakout and BMP 280 and when trying to run, I keep on getting ASSERTION ERROR.
Thanks for your help.

i2c enabled in Raspberry Pi Configuration?

Probably couldn’t hurt to run
sudo pip3 install bmp280
pip3 will install for Python 3.

Which example are you running, and how are you running it?

Yes i2c is enabled in Pi configuration.
I have run sudo pip3 install bmp280, and comes back saying already satisfied.
Tried running bmp280 python & Breakout garden master. Still says assertion error.
Thanks for helping

Try one of these

I can’t seem to find the one you referred to?