Sorry, I couldn't find any breakouts! ... but the sensor is readable


i’ve just installed a brand new raspberry pi 4 with a breakout garden hat.
i’ve plugged a bme280 breakout.

i’ve installed the needed libraries and i can read the sensor .

pi@raspberrypi:/home/root/Pimoroni/pimoroni-bme280/examples $ sudo python - Read temperature, pressure, and humidity

Press Ctrl+C to exit!

22.27C 628.19hPa 60.01%
C 985.16hPa 31.11%
27.04C 985.15hPa 32.85%
C 985.16hPa 33.06%
27.03C 985.13hPa 31.98%
C 985.16hPa 32.28%
27.03*C 985.15hPa 34.94%

but i’m unable to install the breakout garden

pi@raspberrypi : ~/breakout-garden-master $ sudo ./

Sorry, I couldn’t find any breakouts!

can’t figure what’s going on ( same thing with 2 breakout garden hat and an other raspberrypi4)

did i miss something ?

Looking through the file, it actually seems to be missing the BME280. That said, I think all the install script does is install the Python package for the sensor, which you seem to already have installed and working, so you don’t really need to run the install script.

ok, i assumed that the script was doing more … thanks

What @Shoe said. All the Breakout Garden installer does is poll i2c looking for the addresses, and then install the matching packages. I don’t ever bother with it myself, I just do the install for the breakout I have plugged in. Plus, it won’t find SPI devices, it can only detect i2c devices.