Breakout Garden



I have two questions, I just installed the hat an two breakout sensors.

If now I install breakout garden repo, should i install it again if I add further sensors to the garden.

Second question: In the moment I will use the BME680. Do I have to install additionally the library as described here:

Or you can use our one-line-installer, which should set up and install everything in one go, and download the examples into the /home/pi/Pimoroni/bme680/examples folder:

curl | bash

Many thx in advance …




You need to run the breakout-garden installer with all the sensors you plan to use plugged in- since it will only detect and install drivers for the ones it can find.


thx for answering, I assume, if I add a new sensor I can re-run the install?

I would use the additional gpios. Is there a chance to see what gpios a used by the breakout garden board. I can see what kind of gpios are used by a sensor in gerneral but not exactly which one of the raspi gpio pins are used?

many thx



If you match what is listed on the top of the breakout garden board, to the labels here, that should tell you what pins are used.
UART TX is BCM 14, GPIO Pin 8, and UART RX is BCM 15, GPIO Pin 10 for example.