Breakout Garden and one wire interface. can they be used together

I’m using the breakout garden mini with bme680 (environment sensor) rv3028 (Real Time Clock) to get environmental reading and want to add a DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor.
Using the wonderful Pintout ( website to check the different GPIO pins being used, 1wire can be used on pin 7 (GPIO 4) and the other option are pin 11 or 13 gpio’s (17,27).
The only one of these that appears to be on the breakout appears to be pin 7 (gpio4 “int”) which is used by the board. So that’s the problem and the question can I use pin 7 (gpio 4) as 1 wire interface or is it locked by the board or do I have to wire up the bme680 and rv3028 without the breakout garden board just using pins (1,3,5,9) for these and pin 7 for one wire.

That int “can be” used by some breakouts. The BME680 doesn’t use it, but the RV3028 “can” use it. I have several RV3028’s wired up with that pin not connected and they work just fine. As far as I know its the python code run for that breakout that determines if its used or not.
You could enable 1 wire and see if it messes up the RV3028. I can’t see it damaging it, just messing up how it keeps time.