Question Regarding Rpi, Enviro & Grow all together

If I purchase the hacker HAT and put it on a raspberry pi will it be possible to have the enviro hat and grow hat on one raspberry pi?

No, not without pin conflicts.
Enviro at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
Grow HAT Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

What was your plan for or need to do it that way? Other than maybe because of the Pi shortage.
You could add sensors, like a BME280 to the Grow via i2c. I have on several occasions run Enviro code on an equivalent Breakout garden setup. I wanted my personal custom version with extras and a different display etc.

mainly looking for a really clean setup for temperature, humidity and moisture sensing along w/ the ability to activate a pump

A BME280 or 680 etc can be connected to the i2c solder pads on the front of the grow. Might even fit on the back side out of sight.
Or mounted on a Proto Zero and connected to i2c. There are various different ways to do it. Then add code to the grow file to display the values on an LCD with a button push.

will look into it. Thanks

If you don’t like or want to have to solder, a Mini Breakout Garden could be attached where you were going to plug the Enviro in. Then just plug the breakout into that.
Breakout Garden Mini (I2C) - Pimoroni

Let us remember we can use a raspberry pi zero as a 2nd GPIO via usb (without card in pi0) with this:
“sudo apt-get install usbbootgui”

This is sooo valuable. I don’t know I don’t see more with it. Works with the Ras-pi OS for Amd/intel as hosting the pi zero as well.

I’ve done that once or twice, tinkering around.
Pi Zero GPIO expander tutorial — The MagPi magazine (
Last time I tried it, it wouldn’t do i2c though? Just basic GPIO pin control, buttons and LED’s etc. It is a cool feature, that I had forgotten about, thanks for the reminder.