Best I2C sensor to use with pi

Basically I am looking for the best sensor (most variables) that works over I2C with a Pi. It needs to be less than £25. Can anyone recommend a suitable sensor or small board with several sensors on preferably available from Pimoroni. Basically I am just looking for a small board that the users of my device (just me at the moment) can play around with easily.



Enviro pHAT would fit your needs:

Alternatively there’s breakout garden range, though with the sensors that’s a bit more than £25:

Hope that helps :)

Thanks, that sure suits my needs but due to wanting to fit a Pi Zero’s dimension is too big for my project :( .

In fact it is almost perfect with an ADC as well but the form factor is not suitable :(

The Enviro pHat is Pi zero shaped?
If your referring to the Breakout Garden, there is now a pHat sized version.

I want a as small as possible board (it is a portable project), loads of unused space on the Enviro Phat.

Edit - Sorry my past replies seem badly worded

Ok, I’m with you now. The only other thing I can think of at the moment thats packed with stuff is the Sense Hat. Its a Hat format though. Lots of sensors etc on it. 8x8 LED matrix and a joystick too. I have one setup as a portable weather clock.

EDIT: Often times, a lot of board space is used up just running your tracks to the various chips etc. A lot of these boards are only double sided instead of multi layer. It keeps the cost down.

With a little work, you could likely wire up several of the breakout garden sensors to this.
Solder them flush right to the board with male headers. Then use jumper wire to daisy chain them all together on the i2c bus.
here I have a BMP680, Si1145 and RTC module all wired up to i2c on a Proto Hat. I used jumper cables, but you could just solder the sensor right to the Proto Hat or Proto Zero.

That looks perfect! I can have as many sensors as I can fit and solder on the protozero and use the protozero to mount some of the other components in my project and I can use the RTC in my project (the same one as you pictured) as well!


The full build pictures for that project are here,!AjOYwiwlwDtpgsVkNRFKrcQ8HARM0Q
A second Proto Hat was added to add more stuff. I had lots of room so it was easier to just add on a second one instead of trying to cram all my headers onto just the one.
I added an LED Shim in place of 4 10mm LEDs. That build has seen several modifications over the years. And I can see one more upgrade on the horizon. Replacing the Pi A+ with a 3A+

EDIT: Looks like I forgot to update some of the pictures. The proto board with the 4 10mm LEDS was replaced by an LED Shim. Looks like I’ll have to get my camera out and take some new ones.