Getting started with Enviro Grow (Pico W Aboard) – Enviro Grow + Sensors

I would like to get started with Raspberry Pi development but it looks a bit technical. First thing I want to know is…

Which model Pi is best to buy to go with Enviro Grow (Pico W Aboard) ?

thank you,

The Picow W Aboard version doesn’t beed a Raspberry Pi to function. It is good to go with the PICO W.
The Mini Hat version does require a Raspberry Pi though.
Grow HAT Mini (HAT only) (

I have a Pi Zero W on mine. Any Pi will work, anthing bigger than a Zero or Zero 2 is overkill IMHO.

wow! that’s even betterer!
Thanks for the clarification

Something to keep in mind is that the Pi Mini Hat has an LCD display and the Pico Enviro Grow doesn’t.