Can Grow HAT support more than 3 plants?

Hi Buccaneers, I have 8 plants at home! Can the Grow Hat plus breakout garden be used to support up to 8 plant sticks?

When it comes to configuring the display, it would be great to either have a scroll over function or just extend the screen to a new display.

I’m trying to figure out if investing the money is worth it.

Thanks for your help!

warning ,I’m only giving my opinion based on my years of Pi tinkering .I say no ,all i seen on the board is 3 plugs ,to plug in the sensors ! but I could be wrong , enjoy ;)

The pinout is here,
Grow HAT Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
There looks to be 10 or so free GPIO, that likely could be used to add more sensors. I’m assuming there isn’t anything between them and the Pi like an ADC etc. You’ll have to check the schematic to verify its just pass through. You’d have to get creative with the wiring to hook them up. A Proto Zero on a stacking header may help with that.
ProtoZero – Pimoroni
The quick and dirty way would be to just cut the connector off of one end of the cable and solder the wires to the Proto Zero.
The python code I’m thinking will be the tricky part, depending on your skill level.
grow-python/examples at master · pimoroni/grow-python · GitHub
Dual or even triple displays is doable. I’ve done both, 2 of those 0.96 LCD’s on SPI0, and a 3 display setup on SPI 1.

You may not even need a Grow Hat. My two multi display setups are the equivalent of an Enviro+, an expanded Enviro+. I’m running a modified version of the Enviro+ python file. BME280, LTR-559, VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor and an RV3028 RTC.
All you’d need is the breakouts and the Grow sensors. Double check the schematic first though. I’ll have a look see myself once I wake up, its just a little after 5AM here at the moment. ;) I need more Java lol.

I “think” this is doable if your not going to use the Pumps. Disclaimer, I got lost trying to figure out how the sensors are read via the GPIO in the file? And the schematic didn’t reveal anything obvious?

Ok, looking at the shop page for the sensors, they use Pulse Frequency Modulation.
Pulse-frequency modulation - Wikipedia

Grow Moisture Sensors (pack of 3) – Pimoroni