Raspberry Greenhouse

i want to make an system and i dont know what products to choose from the site. Also what is required as extend board or other to be able to connect them

I will list what i need in here.

  1. monitoring part;
    a. outside sensors; wind, temperature, rain (distance from pi board, 5 meters)
    b. inside sensors; humidity, temperature, uv, atmosferic pressure
    c. inside in the soil sensors; humidity, ph, temperature (distance from pi board) 5 meters)

  2. controlling part;
    i want to be able to controll the following;
    light, water with electrovalve, venting fans and 2 motors to open or close window

Thank you

This could do most of the monitoring.
Weather HAT + Weather Sensors Kit - Pimoroni
Put the hat inside to measure indoor temps, etc. Then wire up a second BME280 using the alternate i2c address, placed outside for outdoor temps etc.

The Grow Hat can handle soil monitoring and auto watering. Three sensors and three pumps.
Grow - Pimoroni

And an Automation Hat “may” be able to do the rest.
Automation HAT - Pimoroni
Automation HAT Mini - Pimoroni

I’d be surprised if you can do this all from one Pi? There will likely be GPIO pin conflicts.
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

thank you for the answer.

I will look into theese solutions and see how can i combine them.

I was told several opinions that i might be able to add all of them to a single pi board, also 4 gb ram would be more than enough.

Thank you.

You can put more than one Hat on a Pi, providing there are no pin conflicts.
I’ve done it with a Phat Stack.
pHAT Stack - Pimoroni
You need to look at this
Automation HAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
And compare it to this,
Grow HAT Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
I don’t see one for the Weather Hat, but it looks like there are conflicts.
If two or more of the hats use the Same GPIO pin for different functions weird things will happen.