Enviro Plus GPIO

I like the idea of the GPIO breakout on the Enviro+. But what is the one labeled “#4”?

Its GPIO 4 physical pin 7. The first 5 pins are as follows.
Thats so you can hookup the breakout garden i2c breakouts pin for pin.

Thanks for the info. That’s what I thought but it’s not mentioned anywhere.

You are correct, I had a look around the product page before I posted my answer. I probably should have prefaced it with “As far as I know”. What else could it be? It makes sense that its GPIO 4. I agree more info on what exactly those pins are would be a help. If it was physical GPIO pin 4 it would +5V and I would think marked as 5V. So I stand by my original answer.
If I had an Enviro + I’d confirm it with a voltmeter or some test python code etc.

A bit of a long shot but the answer may be in this YouTube Video

I’m still waiting for mine. It shouldn’t be too hard to test.

I saw most of the video. Not helpful I’m afraid. Mostly them chatting.

Pin 4 is for use on my DS18b20 Temp Sensor signal for use with the One wire raspberry pi option.

GPIO 4 can be used for 1 wire,

it can also do other functions

Thanks for the links. I really just wanted to confirm it’s GPIO 4. There really isn’t much documentation on the Enviro+.

I’ll be getting an Enviro + at some point, not sure when that will happen though.

I have a couple of Pi A+'s with Sense Hats attached setup as weather clocks. One static and one portable. Build pictures are here if you want to have a look see.

I’d be interested to know how easy it is to read the display on the Enviro, how far away you can be without squinting etc, lol.

The display is configurable as far as font size. But it’s a small display (about 3/8" tall). You could set it to show the temp, humidity and pressure full screen and swap around on a timer and you should be able to see it at 10 feet.

The sense hat LED matrix is a nice big 8x8 RGB display. I run a continuously scrolling message on it with date, time, temp etc. The text elements are color coded based on conditions. Blue text for the temp display if its 0c of colder for example.
If I get the Enviro+ it will likely be the one I take out on my deck in the summer. It will only ever be about arms reach away on a table. Or on my night stand in my bedroom. Right now I’m using my portable sense hat weather clock for that. The other one just sits in our living room running 24/7. It sits next to our TV for easy viewing anywhere in that room.

The nice thing about the Enviro+ is that it mates up nicely with the Pi Zero. Although the proximity of the sensor to the CPU means you have to correct the temp display to account. But it would make a nice little clock/weather device.

Thats why I went with A+'s for my Sense Hats. They are basically Hat sized. And they run headless so I only needed the one USB port to do my setup. Plus, there was no Pi Zero when I first built them.
The Sense Hat suffers that same heat soak issue. I put a Proto Hat with stacking header between the Pi and Sense hat. It was enough for my indoor clock. It was also a good place to mount my RTC board.
If I get an Enviro I’ll do the same thing with a Proto Zero and stacking header. I’ll make a stand / legs out of a Pibow Difusser with my Dremel.

I’m going to try one of these. I’ve read that separating the Pi and sensor board is the solution to heat issues.

Another way to do it is get a Zero with no header. Then use a 90 degree male. The Pi Zero would be horizontal and the Enviro vertical. > L

Yes, that would be more compact. I’m going to check the electronic supply houses like Newark and see what they have. Fortunately the 40 pin .1" header is a standard config.

Even with a right angled header the temperature reads about 3C high. I think some heat is conducted through the connector. I have a tiny 5V fan blowing on the back of the board to get the right temperature.

The Pi Zero has to go on top with 90 doesn’t it? Or the enviro will be upside down? That didn’t occur to me until after I posted. I run my Sense Hats standing up and upside down, the GPIO Header is on the bottom. That leaves the top nice and open for the heat to get out.

No, I think with the right part it would work. I didn’t find one that is male/female but it may exist.