Enviro+ schematics and drawings available?

I am writing c++ drivers (for fun). I am looking for a schematic and drawings for the enviro+ but haven’t been able to find them. Are they available somewhere?

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Links to the data sheets are there on the product page for the various sensors.
Those may help with you c++ drivers.
I don’t see a link for a schematic though.

Thanks. Got most of those. There’s some pin holes on the lower left (e.g., “#4”) and “noise” that I don’t know what they do.

Fun little board to write code. A lot of the Python work is amazing.

The “noise” hole is a microphone for sound monitoring. I don’t think it’s documented yet. The pinholes are a “breakout” header for access to some of the GPIO pins of the Pi. I think #4 is for GPIO pin 4. I use the 5V and GND to power a fan to blow air over the temp sensor. It keeps the CPU from heating the sensor.

Yeah, what he said. The MEMS microphone is on the backside of the board behind the hole marked Noise. And I’m pretty sure the pin marked 4 is GPIO 4.
The breakout garden boards use
1 - 3.3V
3 - GPIO 2 - SDA
5 - GPIO 3 - SCL
7 - GPIO 4 - Breakout Garden interrupt Pin for those that use one.
9 - GNG

i2c is a shared bus so they brought it out for (sort of) easy use if you need it. And made it easy to hook up another breakout if you want. On the product page it says the following.

A couple of nice little extras… there’s a spare ADC channel broken out on a header if you want to connect another analog sensor, along with I2C pins in the right configuration for plugging one of our Pimoroni I2C breakouts onto!

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Are you aware of pinout.xyz?

Specifically: https://pinout.xyz/pinout/enviro_plus

I am yes, I post links to it frequently. It doesn’t list / show that secondary row of solder points on the Enviro + though. The ones in the outlined box confusingly labelled “GPIO”.

Thanks. I bought some i2c breakouts for no particular reason. lol