Enviro + how to work with i2c pins and noise meter

Hello there,

I’m currently working on a project for sensing the quality of the air in classrooms. We are looking to use the Enviro + as an option for this purpose (plus additional sensors).

I have two big issues with the Enviro + that I need to solve:

I want to connect another I2C device in the pins of the hat. The problem is that i don’t find the way to work with them. I amb trying to put an SCD30 C02 sensor on it but when I try to detect the address of the I2C devide it doesn’t show up. Is there an especific way to connect the device or some modifications i have to do?

We’re alse interested in sensoring the noise levels in the classroom but we can’t get the noise meter to work. The examples givens by the library ara not working (always marks 0). I’m trying to use pyadio to use the sensor but i only get erros from jackd and other pyaudio related errors. How can i measure the noise level in a simple way? There is no library or something similar to work with the MEMS microphone??

Thank you in advance!!


I don’t have an Enviro + but run Enviro and Enviro + code on equivalent setups. Breakout Garden stuff mostly. If your going to use that extra header section on the Enviro + your going to have to solder on a header or solder your wires too it.
For a cleaner look one option is to put a Proto Zero with a stacking header between the Pi and Enviro +. Then put you header and or wires to the other sensors on that.

All that being said, if you have the CO2 sensor wired up right, i2cdetetct should see it.

Ok, for the time beeing i’m not going to solder it because we are in a very early development stage.

I’ve managed to put the co2 sensor to work, i’m going to try diferent Enviro and Enviro+ code in othre RPI to check if i can use the microphone.

Thank you!

Ok, not being soldered was your issue, you weren’t getting a good contact. I don’t have a microphone so I can’t help you with that.

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have a look at this code:

i managed to make it all work
it sends signals via mqtt and i decode them in homeassistant